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Urban Agriculture. Placemaking. Community. 

Onya Collective

Onya unites architects, designers, permaculturists, and activists working to create positive places where people and nature meet. The group designs innovative spatial interventions and runs community and art events in the field of urban ecology. In a structured process, the group works with communities to propose new ways to use urban nature and agriculture as tools to make public places better.


We encourage collaborative initiatives by our members as well as volunteers, community and environmental activists.

While our website is currently under construction, check out a retrospective of our projects since 2014.

01 salon.png

The Salon - Tel Aviv University Gallery

Onya Collective designed and built the plant-filled entry hall for the Plan(e)t exhibition, using only material recovered on-site from previous student projects

The Liebling Garden

Designed and implemented new garden design for Liebling Center, Tel Aviv

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